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2011-2012 Editor and Staff Applications!

Hi everyone!

To apply to be an editor or a staff member of Liham this year, please click the following link!

Don’t miss this opportunity to write the FIRST Liham PRINT ISSUE!

Liham Issues 3 (February 2011) and 4 (May 2011)

Hey Everyone!

The Liham team has been busy producing these two issues this year. Filled with the best prose, poetry and art that the ISM student body could muster, complemented by the most visually stimulating layouts, the 2010-2011 issues of Liham are sure to provide you with an experience you’d never had with any other ISM publication. This year, Liham has taken steps to further build upon our successes last year, further improving the online magazine experience that we’ve first initiated in 2009. Without further ado, below are the two issues of 2010-2011:

ISSUE 3 (February 2011): Nothing is as it Seems

ISSUE 4 (May 2011): The Seven Deadly Sins


Liham 2010 – 2011 End of the Year Issues

Liham’s 2010-2011 end of the year issue

LIHAM::Second Issue

At the beginning of the school year, Liham was warmly welcomed by the ISM community as a young member of its family of publications. Now presenting our second issue, we once again thank you for all the      interest, support and effort that you have invested into making this mighty endeavour possible. Having achieved enormous milestones thus far, Liham looks forward to its status as an official publication in the following school year. We hope to usher in an era in ISM where creativity is the norm, not the exception, where writing is a joy, not a chore, and where all individuals can be recognised for their desire and ability to possess the spirit of creation. However, more importantly, we wish for Liham to take you to places you’ve never seen, to take you on journeys to other worlds, to make you feel a satisfying release—even for a moment—and to make your soul feel alive once again. Enjoy Liham’s second issue!

Michi and Chris


Read or download the second issue of Liham at this link: Liham Second Issue Online

*If you choose to download the PDF file, to maximize your reading pleasure, kindly go to the “View” menu, go to “Page Display,” then select the options “Two-Up Continuous” and “Show Cover Page During Two-Up.”  This will make the layout more aesthetically pleasing. :)

Liham Art & Writing Competition


2 winners from each category will receive P1000 EACH worth of FULLY BOOKED gift certificates!


– Fiction

– Non Fiction

– Poetry

– Visual Arts


There will be themes for 2 of the categories: Fiction and Poetry

The Fiction theme is “THE PAST”

Poetry theme is “NATURE/ENVIRONMENT”

The other two categories have NO RESTRICTIONS on themes


Please email all submissions to Visual arts works will be accepted through common image files, preferably JPEG.


The deadline of the competition is WEDNESDAY, APRIL 14. Winners will be announced during assembly the following week, WEDNESDAY, APRIL 21.


– 1 fiction piece

– 1 nonfiction piece

– 3 poems

– 2 visual arts pieces

*Note: You can submit multiple pieces (up to the allowed maximum) to multiple categories but you may only win ONE prize in ONE category.

GOOD LUCK EVERYONE! Do what you love, and get a chance to win big!

Yankee Greats by Michi

Yankee Greats by Michi

Yankee Greats by Michi Ferreol

Vevey, Switzerland by JiWan

Vevey, Switzerland by JiWan

Vevey, Switzerland by Jiwan Park

Sense Deprevision by Anton

Sense Deprevision by Anton

Sense Deprevision by Anton Villalon

Jaune by Anton

Jaune by Anton

Jaune by Anton Villalon

What A Friend Is To Me by JiWan

What A Friend Is To Me by JiWan

A friend is like a very old

black-and-white photograph,

it is something that I can hold

for a while and soon laugh

at the free and careless moment

when we both were innocent.

A friend is what I feel from a tiny

piece of home-made cheese cake,

it is a taste that never fades easily,

in my mouth, it creates a small lake

of foamy cheese and creamy butter

and makes me want to taste another.

A friend is like a favorite quote of mine

from a novel I have read a several times,

it is like a star that will always shine

when the village church bell chimes

to guide me through at the dark night

even without the path of moonlight.

A friend is someone I will never ever

get bored of even when we only talk,

it is who will stay the same forever,

and holds my arm tight when we walk,

it is who tells me of the most amazing stories,

and be remembered as beautiful memories.

And remember, it is you.

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